Paths constitute sets of View Points that have this same attribute. It is intended to model variegated situations of the Viewing Space. Each path has its density that represents the amount of viewing people. This density multiplied by the volume of each View Point gives the weight of each View Point.

This organization allows the study of different scenarios of human distribution.

Paths for exterior walks, wandering, crossings and remarkable points of a sports park are represented in the figures.

Degrees of Opacity

Visibility from the viewing space to the viewed space is a continuous quantity varying from 0 (not visible) to 1 (full visibility). The figure represents visibility of the same model, considering the changes in visual permeability of the trees in winter and summer.


Geometry Generators

Users may use and create geometry generators, parametric shapes that facilitate the modeling of the case study.

The shapes on the figure (modeling current types of trees and shrubs in the Portuguese landscape) were created with the help of geometry generators.

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Generative Grammar for Space Syntax Functions / Quantities

Depth Space3D includes an editor for a generative grammar that can expand the Space Syntax lexicon to be used. The primitive quantities are visibility, distance and depth. But it's possible to declare how to produce new quantities.

This is done through SQL queries, a very well-known and widespread query language for SQL databases.

joint grammar


DepthSpace3D implements separation of data and algorithm. A SQL database stores all the information of the case studies.

The great advantage of this implementation is the openness of the software. The structure of the database is provided and can be used outside the DepthSpace3D application, by everyone interested in other developments.