Opo’Arch Formal Methods Competition 2018



1. “Opo’Arch Formal Methods Prize 2018” is a CESAP (Cooperativa de Ensino Superior Artístico do Porto, C.R.L., Largo de S. Domingos, 80, 4050 – 545, PORTO, Portugal) initiative, and part of the action plan of NORTE2020 / FEDER / EU-funded OPO’Arch Formal Methods Project.

2. The Prize will be awarded through an international competition, with the objective of promoting public acknowledgment of authors of Space Syntax 3D analysis using the digital tool Depth Space 3D, when those are meaningful contributions to Formal Methods in Architecture appropriately using the technology.

3. The Prize will be awarded by Jury, with the constitution and in the terms stipulated in the present Regulation.

4. The "Opo’Arch Formal Methods Prize 2018" consists of:

  • A certificate awarded to all authors in a public ceremony;

  • Pecuniary prizes in the total of 5 000€ distributed as follows:

    • 1st Prize, 2 500€;

    • 2nd Prize, 1 500€;

    • 3rd Prize, 1 000€;

  • Honorable Mentions awarded no pecuniary value.



A. Competitor projects

1. May apply for the “Opo’Arch Formal Methods Prize 2018” Space Syntax 3D analysis which simultaneously:

  • Were conducted using the digital tool Depth Space 3D, in any country;

  • Are of the total authorship of the authors;

  • Are in the field of Space Syntax 3D.

2. Competitors may use Opo’Arch’s team technical support for the application and manipulation of Depth Space 3D.

3. All communication relating to the competition and all elements of the submission will be in English.

B. Jury

1. “Opo’Arch Formal Methods Prize 2018” Jury is:

a) The President, Jorge Vieira Vaz, Arch, as coordinator of Project Opo’Arch Formal Methods

b) and eight vowels:

David Leite Viana

Information Sciences, Technology and Architecture Research Centre (ISTAR)
ISCTE-Lisbon University Institute (Portugal)

Mário Krüger

Department of Architecture | Faculty of Sciences and Technology
University of Coimbra (Portugal)

Miguel Serra

Faculty of Engineering
University of Porto (Portugal)

Rosamund Diamond

Department of Architecture and Built Environment
University of Nottingham (UK)

Teresa Heitor

Department of Civil Engendering, Architecture and Georesources
Instituto Superior Técnico – University of Lisbon (Portugal)

Tasos Varoudis

The Bartlett School of Architecture
University College London (UK)

Valério Medeiros

Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism
University of Brasília (Brazil)

Wang Haofeng

Department of architecture
Shenzhen University (China)

2. The president of the Jury has quality vote.

3. Are not fit for participation projects that have had any contribution at any time from Jury members, Opo’Arch Project members, or have with them kinship relations to the second degree, as well as permanent collaborators or associates of the Jury members. Nevertheless, technical support for the application and manipulation of Depth Space 3D by the team of the OPO'Arch project not only is not excluded, but is even encouraged.

C. Process

The process of selection and attribution of the “Opo’Arch Formal Methods Prize 2018” will be as follows:

1. Competitor projects, documented according to section D of this Regulation, must be received in the Project’s email award@opoarch.com by 01/September/2018, 24:00 hours.

2. Submissions will be sorted by “Opo’Arch Formal Methods Prize 2018”’s administration, which will attribute a unique code to each, verify if the documentations fills the criteria described in section D of this Regulation, and subsequently forward them as anonymous submissions to the Jury members.

3. Each Jury member will choose up to three submissions, classifying them by preference according to the following code:

a. 4 (four) points for the best submission

b. 2 (two) points for the second best submission

c. 1 (one) point for the third best submission

4. Jury members cannot classify two or more submissions equally, and they cannot abstain.

5. There will be no ex-aequo attribution for pecuniary prizes.

6. In case of a tie for any of the pecuniary prizes, there will be a vote to determine which submission will be prized.

7. Any submission that is deferred after voting and loses right to a pecuniary prize, will get an Honorable Mention.

8. The Jury may vote to attribute as many Honorable Mentions as they think is appropriate.

9. Choices and voting will be secret whenever a member of the Jury requires it to.

10. Jury meetings are restricted to Jury members. Minutes should be emitted for each meeting.

11. All deliberations are made through majority vote of the present quorum. There must be a minimum of six Jury elements in deliberations for the attribution of pecuniary prizes.

12. There is no appeal for Jury decisions.

D. Documentation for Submission

Authors must send to award@opoarch.com up to the date/time defined in this Regulation in order to be considered competitors:

a) Name and email of all team members;

b) One vertical A1 panel in one “pdf” electronic file with a minimum 300 dpi., including enough elements to communicate the proposed project, which:

i. Must include the identifications as “Prémio Opo’Arch Formal Methods 2018”;

ii. Must include a short description of the conducted work and conclusions;

iii. There must be no identification of the authors or institutions.

c) A “SS3D.mdb” electronic file with the database obtained through the use of the digital tool Depth Space 3D

E. Exhibition, catalog and certifications

1. Through the Project Opo’Arch Formal Methods team, CESAP will organize an exhibition with the submissions. Prized and Jury-recommended submissions will be published in a monographic catalog, with references to all submissions chosen by three or more Jury members.

2. All competitors will receive a Participation Certificate.


1. It is CESAP’s responsibility as the organizing entity:

- To define locations and criteria for the organization of the exhibition, award ceremony, and catalog execution;

- To define criteria and conduct the dissemination of the Prize, exhibition, and catalog.

2. The organizing entity will not take additional responsibilities to those explicit in this Regulation, directly or indirectly arising from the “Opo’Arch Formal Methods Prize 2018”.

3. Authors, as competitors, fully accept this Regulation, as well as the future use of images and references without any compensation, particularly relative to the exhibition, catalogue and dissemination.

4. Unless explicitly stated otherwise for specific issues, all contact should be directed to the administration of the competition, through the e-mail: award@opoarch.com.